Monday, March 26, 2012

Beach Cottage

Here's a small beach cottage, not on a beach lot though. Thanks to all creators who help make this house possible. Hope you all like and enjoy this small house.

For the sliding door and window on the terrace you need the Intensions Build set Master Door. Get it  HERE. The Sims 2 Pack show it as being included though.

                                                                      Download Here


Anonymous said...

A Beach Dream!!!! Yay!! Everytime you post a house I squeee like a teen! LOL

Tara said...

Lol, thank you Gigi. Glad I can bring that out of you haha!!!

Alicia said...

love the house!!!If I can ask where is the fireplace from?

Anonymous said...

Ein wunderschönes,gemütliches Haus - genau das Richtige zum entspannen, sich wohl-fühlen und einfach "Ah" sagen! Hoffe,das ich alle Meshes habe :) sonst muss ich sie besorgen. Ich möchte da so gerne einziehen!!!
Toll gemacht!

Tara said...

Alicia thank you! The fireplace is by Nanu at TSR.

Anonymous - A beautiful, cozy house - just the right thing to relax, probably-feel and simple "Ah" say! I hope that I have all Meshes :) Otherwise I must get. I would like to like to retract! Great job!

Thank you! I hope there is nothing missing but if so please let me know :)

Alicia said...

thank you so much you just made my game aven better! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara,ich habe es installiert,leider sind die 3 großen Bodenfenster/Türen in der Front dunkelblau,da fehlt der Mesh!Ich konnte nicht mehr viel sehen, da das Spiel gecrasched ist als ich in den Bautool gehen wollte :(
Kannst Du mir bitte mitteilen von wem die Fenster/Türen in der Front sind (Terrasse).Dann kann ich es reparieren/löschen und wieder installieren.Es ist so schön!
Danke für die Hilfe

Tara said...

Hi Tara, I have it installed, unfortunately, there are the 3 large-ceiling windows are/doors in the front dark blue,because of the mesh!I missing could not see much more, since the game is gecrasched Bautool as I wanted to go in the :( can you tell me by whom the Window/doors in the front are (terrace) .Then I can repair it/Delete and reinstall.It is so nice! Thank you for the Help

Working on it for you now and will update my post with the meshes needed. I'm so sorry about that!

alice said...

hi tara! this is a reaaly beautiful beach house!but i cant download doesnt work :( ...and all the decorative stuffs dont work to.why?

Anonymous said...

love this. thanks for the masterpiece.
I had same problem above.
but I made yeah! solved the problem about masterdoor missing.
try this.

Simtomatic Kudos Townhouse Build Set Recolors