Monday, June 28, 2010

Girly Bedroom

Here's a recolor of Jope Bedroom 8 and 11, among others. Thanks to all the creators whose meshes I've used which are included!


Anonymous said...

very nice Tara, I love the ground painting you made <3

greetz angelique

Sergiomate said...

Wow! I love your recolors!

littlerunningbee said...

Love the colors - thank you so much - I adore your work (as you already might have noticed :D )

judy555/Ottawa,Canada said...

Gorgeous, wonderful work. Thank you so much for sharing, it is much appreciated.
Best regards.

Tara said...

Thanks all! You're very welcome!

TeeInVa said...

Hey Tara! I've probably asked before, but I'm asking again, you know how it goes, new laptop and somehow I didn't transfer all my stuff, grrrr - LOOKING for the Trunk, please. I seem to remember a mesh and your yellow recolor for the Girly bedroom...?

I did download your Girly bedroom, but sadly, it is not included.

Please help! I bought a painted yellow cedar "gun trunk" years ago when my granddaughter was small, looks identical to the one in your Girly Bedroom, so funny - you can understand why I have to use that trunk! lol, thanks for your help pointing me in the right direction!

As always, Tons of Admiration!